3.Download the mobile app

I have completed Step 3

STEP 3: Download the Mobile App

Once you have an online account you can download a mobile app on your phone to have easy access to your health information.
(What if I don’t have a smart phone?)
  • Hopefully you asked your doctor’s office which app you should download when you were communicating with them about getting an online account (Step 1).
  • Most doctors’ offices are part of a health “system,” like Sutter Health in Northern California. Each health system typically uses a particular mobile app. For example, Sutter Health uses the app called “MyChart.”
  • If you did not ask before, then look through any new account information or contact your doctor's office again either by phone or online and ask which mobile app you should get.

  • (What if my doctor’s office offers Electronic Health Records but no app?)
  • Once you have downloaded the app that your doctor's office uses, let us know--you have completed Step 3!