Frequently Asked Questions

What are Electronic Health Records (EHRs)?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are an electronic version of your medical records kept by your doctors and updated over time. For example, your primary care physician has records regarding immunizations you've had, test results, medications, allergies, and medical conditions.

What if I don't have a doctor?

If you do not have a doctor you see regularly, you should still try to get access to your health records. Contact the doctor you saw most recently and ask them about accessing your health records. If you are a young adult, contact the doctor who saw you as a child and get access to the records they have for you, including your immunization records.

What if I have more than one doctor?

If you have more than one doctor--such as a primary care physician, a dermatologist, an allergist, or a doctor that you see when you are away at school or traveling--then you need to ask each doctor which Electronic Health Records system they use and how to set up an account with each of them. If they work with different health systems then you will need to set up a separate account for each doctor. If they are on the same health system, then you can communicate with the doctors and get access to your health information through the same account.

What if I already have an online account with my doctor?

If you already have an account that gives you online access to your health records—meaning you have a username and password that enable you to log into a patient portal—then that’s great, you have completed Steps 1 and 2. If this is the case, please go to Steps 1 and 2 on this website and click that you have completed each of them. Then find out if there is an app that your doctor’s office uses, either by asking your doctor or by searching the name of your patient portal and “mobile app” to find out which app you need to get from the app store. Get that app, log into your account using your username and password, and click that you have completed Step 3!

Is there a way to get access to all of my records through one account?

The application of technology to health information is in its infancy. As of now--unless you have only seen doctors who work within one health system for your entire life--you cannot access all of your health records through one account. The direction things are heading in is for all of us to have more control over accessing our health information and for all of the information for one person to be accessible through a single account. We're not there yet, but setting up an account at least with your primary care physician is a good way to get comfortable with the idea of being in charge of your own health information.

If I have accounts with separate medical providers then will I need to download more than one app on my phone?

You need to ask each of your doctor's offices which app they use. Sometimes the same app can be used for multiple providers, but sometimes if you have more than one doctor you will need to download more than one app.

Do I have to go to my doctor's office in person to give them a signed release form so that I can set up an Electronic Health Records account?

In many cases you can download a release form from the website of the health system your doctor's office uses. You can then print out and sign the release form, and mail or FAX it to your doctor. Check with your doctor's office to confirm what ways they accept signed release forms.

Can I set up an EHR account during a doctor's appointment?

Oftentimes you can set up an EHR account during a doctor's visit by verbally giving your consent to release medical information while your doctor is with you. You would then set up your account with a password right there in the doctor's office, on their computer.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone, please still create an Electronic Health Records (EHR) account through your doctor’s office. You will still be able to access your health information from any computer. And please go ahead and click through all 3 of our steps on this website so you can be added to our total number of people who are taking ownership of their health information. After all, you are going as far as possible with the tools you have and we appreciate that and we want to count you!

What if my doctor’s office does not provide Electronic Health Records?

If your doctor’s office has not yet “gone digital” and has no way of providing you with online access to your health records, click here for a set of simple instructions so that you can at least get access to your immunization records (and any other information you would like to include) on your smartphone and/or computer. If you get your health records on your phone or computer, please click through the 3 steps on this website so we can count you as part of our total!

What if my doctor's office offers Electronic Health Records but no app?

If your doctor's office can provide you with some kind of "patient portal" so that you have online access to your health records, but they do not use any app, you can still access your health records from your phone by logging onto the patient portal through the Internet, if you have a smartphone. If your doctor's office does not use any app, but you do set up an EHR account, please click through the 3 steps on this website and get counted since you can get access to your health records on a smartphone via the Internet.