If you don't currently have a doctor or if your doctor doesn't provide online access...

Option 1: Put a photo of your immunization records on your phone

If your doctor does not provide online access, or if it is too difficult for you to set up an online account with your doctor now, the quickest thing to do is take a picture of your immunization records and keep that on your phone.

Option 2: Create a Dropbox or Google doc with your health information

Another option if you don't have a doctor or if your doctor does not provide online access to your health information is to create a document that has any health information you want access to: immunization records, allergies, medications, doctor's phone number, doctor's fax number (for giving to pharmacies if you get a vaccine somwhere other than your doctor's office--that way the pharmacy can fax the vaccine info to your doctor). Then you can create an icon on your phone's home screen that will take you to that document.

If you'd like to see a template for creating a HealthInfo document, click HERE. Remember to Make a Copy if you want to use the template.

To learn how to create an icon to a Google doc on your phone's home screen, click HERE